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Using Information Technology: Complete Version, 6/e

Brian K Williams
Stacey C Sawyer

ISBN: 007288293x
Copyright year: 2005

Using Information Technology provides a practical approach to information technology.

Using Information Technology (UIT) was the first text to foresee and define the impact of digital convergence-the fusion of computers and communications-as the new and broader foundation for this course. With the release of the Sixth Edition, UIT continues to pioneer with its coverage of new developments in this course area.

The Sixth Edition of UIT motivates the unmotivated and provides an unequaled approach that allows you to teach students with a disparity of computer experience backgrounds. Using a practical approach similar to today's most popular computer magazines along with the most current and readable lessons, UIT encourages students to use an easy-to-understand system to help them think critically about information technology. Using a three-stage approach modeled on Bloom's Taxonomy, UIT's Chapter Reviews help students apply, analyze, synthesize, and evaluate key concepts.

The Sixth Edition of UIT can be bundled with SimNet Concepts. This is the TOTAL solution for training and assessment in computer concepts. SimNet Concepts offers a unique graphic-intensive environment for assessing students' understanding of computer concepts. It features interactive labs for 77 different computer concepts and 160 corresponding assessment questions. SimNet Concepts' materials parallel the contents of the Sixth Edition of UIT which provides students reinforcement of the text's key lessons. To learn more about SimNet Concepts, contact your local McGraw-Hill/Technology Education representative.

To obtain an instructor login for this Online Learning Center, ask your local sales representative. If you're an instructor thinking about adopting this textbook, request a free copy for review.