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Multiple Choice
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Which of the following is not an accepted definition of abnormality?
A)deviations from the average.
B)deviations from the ideal.
C)a sense of personal discomfort.
D)none of the above

Abnormality also may be defined as the inability to function effectively. Which of the following would be an example of abnormality according to this definition?
A)being a sloppy eater
B)not being able to hold a job
C)annoying other people
D)being shy

What kinds of people are willing to answer an invitation to strap explosives to their bodies and blow themselves up? According to most psychologists studying the issue, these individuals are usually
A)not psychologically disordered.
B)maniacal loners.
D)uninhibited in expressing their feelings of hopelessness.

The psychoanalytic perspective is most likely to include scrutiny of a patient's
A)medical history.
B)stimulus-response patterns.
C)early life history.
D)thoughts and beliefs.

The humanistic perspective stresses that people _________ their own behavior, even when such behavior is seen as abnormal.
A)engage in repressing
B)are responsible for
C)cannot understand
D)none of the above

What standard system for classifying abnormal behavior, devised by the American Psychiatric Association, has emerged in the United States?
D)APA Axis I-VI.

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