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Research Participants and Subjects
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When using human research participants or animal subjects in any psychological research project it is important to follow accepted ethical guidelines. The American Psychological Association has laid out the guidelines for psychologists and these are available on the APA website at: Some other sites that cover research participants, including sampling and validity issues are :

A good site for various issues of ethics in research and on being a scientist can be found at

Another good site for general information on ethics is and can be found at

Research with Human Participants Web Sites

The Office of Human Research is a good source of information on government research requirements for humans participants and can be found at

The APA has a nice overview of ethical requirements when using animals in research:

An expanded version of the Nuremberg Code can be found at

Research with Animal Subjects Web Sites

The International animal care and use committee guidebook is a good source of information on animal research ethics:

Another good source of information on various issues relating to the ethics of using animals in research can be found at

The United States Department of Agriculture's Animal welfare information center is another good source of information about the role of animals in research

Specific information on the Animal welfare act can be found at the following web site and questions and answers about the act can be found at

Animal Rights Web Sites

You can find links related to animal rights issues at

Information on criticisms of animal rights activists and their positions can be found at:

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