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Botany Careers

The Biology Careers Page
Information provided by Furman University. A Bachelor's Degree in biology opens the door to an unusually large number of career options. This page and its links help you to explore the occupations that have a biological "flavor."
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Careers Online

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Job Description Index

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Agriculture and Outdoor Job Descriptions

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Science and Technology Job Descriptions
Jobs by interest areas with almost 1000 jobs sorted into interest group, and an alphabetical Mega List of Job descriptions from Australia and USA.
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Science - Recruitment Advertising
Job listings in Science magazine.
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ASAE - Employment List
A listing of web sites that have information, services, or job postings of interest to persons majoring in science.
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Internet Job Hunting Resources for Microscopists and Other Scientists
A Feature Section of MicroWorld Resource.
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Environmental Careers
The Environmental Education Courses Database allows you to conduct specialised searches for course information on careers in any one of 18 areas of specialty.
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Annual Environmental Careers Symposium
The Symposium is coordinated by the College of Forest Resources at NCSU and the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) and is hosted at the NIEHS. Faculty and researchers from North Carolina State University, Duke University, North Carolina A & T University, North Carolina Central University, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Meredith College, the Environmental Protection Agency and the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences participate as presenters at the Symposium.
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Princeton University, Outdoor Action, Outdoor/Environmental Careers Guide
This job resource guide is from a workshop on Outdoor and Environmental Careers given to students at Princeton University. It is made available to the Internet community as an educational resource.
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Smithsonian Sources for information on careers in Biology, Conservation, and Oceanography
The National Museum of Natural History receives numerous requests for information on careers in the biological sciences. This pamphlet provides a listing of the career guidance leaflets published by the professional scientific societies as well as United States Government publications on careers in biology, conservation, and oceanography. Other sources for career information are also included.
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The National Park Service Employment Information Home Page
Contacts, Seasonal Employment, Volunteers in Parks, Department of the Interior Automated Vacancy System, Office of Personnel Management Job Announcements.
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The Department of Environmental Sciences has over 2000 alumni located through the world. The listing is organized by general type of employer and general type of work activity.
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