MIS 5/e
Information Center
Table of Contents

Management Information Systems for the Information Age, 5/e

Stephen Haag, University of Denver
Maeve Cummings, Pittsburg State University
Donald J McCubbrey, University of Denver

ISBN: 0072935863
Copyright year: 2005

Table of Contents

Chapter One:
The Information Age in Which you Live: Changing the Face of Business
Extended Learning Module A:
Computer Hardware and Software
Chapter Two:
Major Business Initiatives: Gaining Competitive Advantage with IT
Extended Learning Module B:
The World Wide Web and the Internet
Chapter Three:
Database and Data Warehouses: Building Business Intelligence
Extended Learning Module C:
Designing Databases and Entity-Relationship Diagramming
Chapter Four:
Decision Support and Artificial Intelligence: Brainpower for Your Business
Extended Learning Module D:
Decision Analysis with Spreadsheet Software
Chapter Five:
Electronic Commerce: Strategies for the New Economy
Extended Learning Module E:
Network Basics
Chapter Six:
Systems Development: Phases, Tools, and Techniques
Extended Learning Module F:
Building a Web Page with HTML
Chapter Seven:
IT Infrastructures: Business-Driven Technology
Extended Learning Module G:
Object-Oriented Technologies
Chapter Eight:
Protecting People and Information: Threats and Safeguards
Extended Learning Module H:
Computer Crime and Forensics
Chapter Nine:
Emerging Trends and Technologies: Business, People, and Technology Tomorrow
Extended Learning Module I:
Building an E-Portfolio
Extended Learning Module J:
Implementing a Database with Microsoft Access
Extended Learning Module K:
Careers in Business
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