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Histology Atlas by Donald L. Rubbelke D.A., Biology Department, Lakeland Community College
This tissue module is designed to acquaint you with the basic characteristics of tissues. The design enables the "first-timer" to take a systematic approach by stepping through tissue categories and topics to learn key characteristics of each tissue type. Go to Tissues: An Introduction

Lumen Histology Slide Series by Loyola University Medical Center
This site includes cell and molecular body lessons, host defense lessons, and function of the human body lessons. Go to Lumen Histology Slide Series

Cross Sectional Mini-Atlas
Cross Sectional Mini-Atlas (1284.0K)
Mini Atlas (3549.0K)
Note: The above files are in pdf format (portable document format) which allows them to be viewed and navigated from any PC or Mac. If your browser does not already include the Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0, you can download it free here. Then follow the instructions in the downloaded file to install it as a plug-in.

Unlabeled Images (PowerPoint®)
PowerPoint of Cadaver Cross Sections (9312.0K)
PowerPoint of CT and MRI Scans (3254.0K)
PowerPoint of Pathology Images (1131.0K)

If you do not have PowerPoint97, click here for free PowerPoint97 Viewer.

Mini-Atlas Credits
Philip Tate, Instructor of Anatomy and Physiology, Phoenix College
James Kennedy, Instructor of Anatomy and Physiology, Phoenix College
John Lampigano, Instructor of Cross-Sectional Anatomy, Gateway Community College
Cadaver Sections Provided by Grant Dahmer, Director of Willed Body Programs, Biotechnology Specialist (ISP), Department of Cell Biology and Anatomy, University of Arizona College of Medicine

Spanish A&P Glossary
Spanish Glossary (611.0K)
Spanish Glossary (466.0K)

McGraw-Hill Links Library
Visit our collection of biological science weblinks in our Links Library.

A & P Arcade
Have fun while you learn anatomy and physiology! Go to A and P Arcade.

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