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Judith Stanford on 9-11

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Responding to Literature: Stories, Poems, Plays, and Essays, 5/e

Judith Stanford, Rivier College

ISBN: 007296278x
Copyright year: 2006

Reviewer Quotes

"I have used [Responding to Literature] in the past and have found the text a useful means of introducing my students to the basics of understanding literature through various lenses. It is a tool that helps students to see in new ways..."

- Mark Spalding, Manchester College

"The best aspect of this book is the explanation of reader's response and the process by which students can move from their own responses to meaningful analysis. The elements of this process are well-explained, and engaging, and I believe students 'get' the ideas contained in the introductory chapters of the book... Overall, I have found Responding to Literature to be an extremely useful text, both for the quality of its selections, and the rhetorical apparatus included."

- John Dudley, University of South Dakota

"Responding to Literature would provide me with the kind of freedom and variety I seek in anthology of this nature.... [T]his text would allow me to serve the needs of the course with a single volume that attends both to my pedagogical and literary needs."

- Kenneth Womack, Penn State Altoona

"I find in its wide range of authors and perspectives an excellent variety of materials which demonstrate to students that they not only can read 'good literature' but that from that reading they can gain insights into matters that matter for them."

- Stacy Clanton, Southern Arkansas University

"This text has an excellent balance of literature offerings and is very well organized. This is a text I would love to use in a college composition course because it offers a wide variety of themes and selections within each genre. The layout and presentation are very user-friendly, and the text could be used in both composition and literature courses. Of the many literature-based composition texts out there, this is one of the best."

- James Van Belle, Edmonds Community College

"Overall, I find this to be an extremely comprehensive and useful text. It certainly lives up to its title."

- Eduardo del Rio, The University of Texas at Brownsville

"Its emphasis on technology and education (both in content and format) makes this an exciting, contemporary text."

- Timothy Cramer, Santa Monica College

"Wow! The Online Learning Center is wonderful! It is very helpful for students and instructors to have additional support for reviewing and understanding literature. The site is very intuitive and easy to use."

- Kelly Stanley, Ball State University

Stanford - Responding to Literature, 5e book cover

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