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Using Bentham's "Hedonistic Calculus", determine whether the treatment of the prisoners in the Abu-Ghraib prison was necessary to reach a utilitarian decision. How would you evaluate the same situation using John Stuart Mill's "Harm Principle"?
After reading "Runaway Jury", consider the following scenario. You are on the jury. You are also a firm advocate of the right to bear arms. You are aware that the Second amendment of the Constitution reserves the right in conjunction with the need to man a state militia. How would you, as a UTILITARIAN Second Amendment advocate, argue for the defendant gun manufacturer?
You may find the use of Bentham's "Hedonistic Calculus" helpful in your private life as well as your professional life. Choose a decision you have made recently, or are in the process of making. Using the seven (7) components of the Hedonistic Calculus evaluate and determine what your decision should be, or if you made a decision, what it should have been. Was the outcome what you wanted it to be? Explain thoroughly you process.
Since the attacks of September 11, 2001, our "normal" lifestyles have changed significantly. Using the concept of "sheer numbers", as it is used in utilitarian theory, are the changes , although cumbersome, worthwhile to bring the greatest pleasure to the greatest number of people. (i.e.: airport security). Explain you position.
Consider Flight 93 on September 11, 2001. Thinking as a utilitarian, explain what your position would have been if the plane had been shot down by United States armed forces rather than having crashed as a result of the passengers' actions.
Based on the theory of utilitarianism, describe your position on the United States' presence in the war in Iraq. Now, apply the theory of ethical relativism to our presence. Which one is more acceptable to you and WHY?
Read the summary and excerpt of "Saving Private Ryan". Discuss whether Ryan's refusal to leave combat was an example of utilitarianism, or ultimately egotistical? Explain, using details from the summary to support your opinion.
Using Bentham's concept of "sheer numbers", should Miller and his squad been sent into to bring Ryan home. Explain your answer.
In the Narrative, "Extreme Measures", homeless men were sacrificed to become experimental variables. Dr. Myrick feels they are worthless; therefore, expendable. How would Jeremy Bentham argue in this situation? Would the Hedonistic Calculus bring a better result for the homeless men?
In the Narrative, "Runaway Jury", the widow of a gunshot victim is taking the gun company to court. If you were on the jury, would you use Bentham's Hedonistic Calculus or Mill's Harm Principle to decide your verdict vote? Explain why you made your choice.

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