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Social Psychology, 4/e

Stephen L. Franzoi, Marquette University

ISBN: 0072967471
Copyright year: 2006



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Social Psychology, fourth edition, is accompanied by a comprehensive and fully integrated array of supplemental materials, both print and electronic, written specifically for instructors and students of social psychology. Please contact your McGraw-Hill representative for details concerning policies, prices, and availability as some restrictions may apply.


The Social Connection Video Modules— VHS Tapes or CD-ROM

McGraw-Hill has teamed up with Frank Vattano and Colorado State University 's Office of Instructional Services to produce an all-new series of video modules, The Social Connection. This two-hour video series consists of one-on-one interviews with some of the leading social psychology researchers today discussing their work and its relevance to the course. The modules also incorporate footage from classic research studies and new reenactments of social psychology studies. Among the researchers included in the video are John Darley, Phil Zimbardo, Anthony Pratkanis, Elizabeth Loftus, Elliot Aronson, just to name a few. A video guide tailored to the organization of Franzoi's Social Psychology, fourth edition, is also available.

Instructor's Manual

By Jeffrey Ratliff-Crain, University of Minnesota , Morris

This highly useful resource has been fully updated to reflect the major changes in the fourth edition of the text, including the new material on social cognition and the increased neuroscience coverage. It also continues to include a lot of cross-cultural and gender-related topics. Each chapter contains the innovative Total Teaching Package Outline, which correlates McGraw-Hill resources to the key concepts in each chapter; learning objectives (referenced explicitly in the Test Bank); discussion questions; and classroom activities and demonstrations. The Instructor's Manual is available on the password-protected instructor's side of the text Web site ( ) and on the Instructor's Resource CD-ROM.

Test Bank

By Kimberly Eretzian Smirles, Emmanuel College

Available on the Instructor's Resource CD-ROM, this comprehensive Test Bank has been extensively revised and expanded to include a wide range of multiple-choice, fill-inthe-blank, critical thinking, and short essay questions for each of the text's fourteen chapters. Each item is designated as factual, conceptual, and applied for ease of instructor use and is explicitly linked to the appropriate learning objective in the Instructor's Manual. This CD-ROM provides all of the questions in both Word files and a computerized format with a fully functioning editing feature that enables instructors to integrate their own questions, scramble items, and modify questions. The CD-ROM can be used with both Macintosh and Windows operating systems.

Instructor's Resource CD-ROM

This resourceful tool offers instructors the opportunity to customize McGraw-Hill materials to create their lecture presentations. Resources for instructors include the Instructor's Manual Test Bank and Computerized Test Bank, PowerPoint presentation slides by Chrisanne Christensen of Southern Arkansas University, and the Image Database for Social Psychology.

The McGraw-Hill Social Psychology Image Database

This set of 200 full-color images represents the best selection of our social psychology art and tables and is available on both the Instructor's Resource CD-ROM and online at

Online Learning Center (OLC)

This extensive Web site, designed specifically to accompany Franzoi's Social Psychology, fourth edition, offers an array of resources for students and instructors. The password-protected instructor's side of the site contains the Instructors Manual, PowerPoint Presentations, Web links, and other teaching resources. Visit the OLC at

PageOut™ Build your own course Web site in less than an hour

You don't have to be a computer whiz to create a Web site—especially with an exclusive McGraw-Hill product called PageOut ™. It requires no prior knowledge of HTML, no long hours of coding, and no design skills on your part. To learn more, visit www.


SocialSense CD-ROM to accompany Social Psychology, Fourth Edition

This interactive tool, packaged at no additional charge with each new copy of the textbook, is designed to help students learn and review important concepts in the course. A key feature of this CD is the inclusion of video-based activities that extend the text coverage and challenge students to apply what they have learned. Also included on the CD are multiple-choice, test preparation questions written by Marcus Patterson ( Boston University and the University of Massachusetts , Boston ) and keyed to each chapter of the text. Feedback accompanies each question.

Online Learning Center (OLC)

This extensive Web site, designed specifically to accompany Social Psychology, Fourth Edition, offers an array of resources for students, including practice quizzes (by Marcus Patterson of Boston University and the University of Massachusetts, Boston), Internet exercises, and an innovative polling feature that allows students to participate in a real-time survey. Visit the OLC at


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To obtain an instructor login for this Online Learning Center, ask your local sales representative. If you're an instructor thinking about adopting this textbook, request a free copy for review.