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Chapter Objectives
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1. Distinguish between striving for superiority and striving for success.

2. Describe the role of subjective perceptions in Adler's theory of personality

3. Discuss Adler's concept of fictionalism.

4. Explain how seemingly contradictory behaviors may reflect a singlegoal of striving for superiority.

5. Explain organ dialect and give examples of how itis expressed in a person's behavior.

6. Define social interest and give examples of what it is and what it is not.

7. Discuss Alder's concept of creative power and be prepared to debate the validity of this concept.

8. Define causality and teleology and discuss Adler's teleological approach.

9. List and describe three types of Adlerian safeguarding tendencies.

10. Discuss Adler's ideas on birth order.

11. Discuss research on Adler's hypotheses concerning early recollections.

12. Critique Adler's ideas as a scientific theory.

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