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Integrated Principles of Zoology, 14/e

Cleveland P. Hickman, Jr., Washington and Lee University
Larry S. Roberts, Texas Tech and Florida International University
Susan L. Keen, University of California, Davis
Allan Larson, Washington University
Helen I'Anson, Washington and Lee University
David J. Eisenhour, Morehead State University

ISBN: 0072970049
Copyright year: 2008



For Students
Online Learning Center
The Online Learning Center for Integrated Principles ofZoology is a great place to review chapter material and to enhance your study routine. Visit for access to the following online study tools:
Chapter quizzing
Key term flash cards
Web links
And more!

For Instructors
Online Learning Center
The Integrated Principles of Zoology Online Learning Center ( ) offers a wealth of teaching and learning aids for instructors and students. Instructors will appreciate:
A password-protected Instructor’s Manual
Access to the new online Presentation Center including illustrations, photographs, and tables from the text
PowerPoint lecture outlines
Links to professional resources
Online activities for students such as chapter quizzing, key-term flash cards, web links, and more!

NEW! Presentation Center
Build Instructional Materials Wherever, Whenever,and However You Want! Accessed through the Online Learning Center, the Presentation Center is an online digital library containing assets such as art, photos, tables, PowerPoint image slides, and other media types that can be used to create customized lectures, visually enhanced tests and quizzes, compelling course websites, or attractive printed support materials.

Access to Your Book, Access to All Books! The PresentationCenter library includes thousands of assets from many McGraw-Hill titles. This ever-growing resource gives instructors the power to utilize assets specific to an adopted textbook as well as content from all other books in the library.

Nothing Could Be Easier!
Presentation Center’s dynamic search engine allows you to explore by discipline, course, textbook chapter, asset type, or keyword. Simply browse, select, and download the fi les you need to build engaging course materials. All assets are copyrighted by McGraw-Hill Higher Education but can be used by instructors for classroom purposes.

Instructor’s Manual
This helpful ancillary provides chapter outlines, lecture enrichment suggestions, lesson plans, a list of changes from the previous edition, and source materials.

Test Bank
A computerized test bank utilizing testing software to create customized exams is available with this text. The user-friendly software allows instructors to search for questions by topic or format, edit existing questions or add new ones. and scramble questions to create multiple versions of the same test. Word fi les of the test bank questions are provided for those instructors who prefer to work outside the test-generator software.

Course Management Systems
Online content is available for a variety of course management systems including BlackBoard and WebCT.

Laboratory Studies in Integrated Principlesof Zoology by Cleveland Hickman, Jr.,and Lee B. Kats
Now in its fourteenth edition, this lab manual was written to accompany Integrated Principles of Zoology, and can be easily adapted to fit a variety of course plans.

Chief Taxonomic Subdivisions and Organ Systems of theAnimal Phyla Poster This 30 × 36 wall chart shows the systematic organization of the animal kingdom. It is available as an optional package with the textbook or can be obtained separately. Ask your McGraw-Hill Sales Representative for further details.

Biology Digitized Video Clips
McGraw-Hill is pleased to offer digitized biology video clips on DVD! Licensed from some of the highest-quality science video producers in the world, these brief segments range from about five seconds to just under three minutes in length and cover all areas of general biology from cells to ecosystems. Engaging and informative, McGraw-Hill’s digitized biology videos will help capture students’ interest while illustrating key biological concepts and processes. Includes video clips on mitosis, Darwin’s finches, cichlid mouth brooding, sponge reproduction, and much more!

To obtain an instructor login for this Online Learning Center, ask your local sales representative. If you're an instructor thinking about adopting this textbook, request a free copy for review.