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Fill in the Blanks


The amount of alcohol in the blood in terms of weight per unit volume, used as a measure of intoxication is called .

The term that describes a state of confusion brought on by the reduction of alcohol intake in an alcohol-dependent person is .

The psychoactive drug in all alcoholic beverages is called .

The enzyme in the liver that breaks down alcohol is known as .

The relationship of the amount of alcohol or drug consumed and the type of intensity of the resulting effect is called the .

A disease in which the liver is severely damaged by alcohol, other toxins, or infection is called .

An individual who refrains from drinking in order to provide safe transportation for others in a group is referred to as the

Drinking large amounts of alcohol over a short period of time can lead to .

The name of the organization that consists of family and friends of alcoholics is .

Which ethnic group has the most widespread and severe health problems caused by alcohol abuse?

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