Essentials of Business Stats
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Essentials of Business Statistics, 2/e

Bruce L. Bowerman, Miami University
Richard T. O'Connell, Miami University
J. B. Orris, Butler University
Dawn C. Porter, University of Southern California

ISBN: 0072977485
Copyright year: 2008

Table of Contents

Chapter 1
An Introduction to Business Statistics

Chapter 2
Descriptive Statistics

Chapter 3

Chapter 4
Discrete Random Variables

Chapter 5
Continuous Random Variables

Chapter 6
Sampling Distributions

Chapter 7
Confidence Intervals

Chapter 8
Hypotheses Testing

Chapter 9
Statistical Inferences Based on Two Samples

Chapter 10
Experimental Design and Analysis of Variance

Chapter 11
Chi-Square Tests

Chapter 12
Simple Linear Regression Analysis

Chapter 13
Multiple Regression and Model Building

Appendix A
Statistical Tables

Appendix B
Covariance and Correlation

Appendix C (Part 1)
Counting Rules

Appendix C (Part 2)
The Hypergeometric Distribution

Appendix D
The Normal Probability Plot

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Chapter 14 On CD-ROM
Process Improvement Using
Control Charts

Appendix E On CD-ROM

Two-Way Analysis of Variance

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