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Peter Norton's Intro to Computers, 6/e

Peter Norton

ISBN: 0072978902
Copyright year: 2006

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introducing Computer Systems

Lesson 1A: Exploring Computers and Their Uses
Lesson 1B: Looking Inside the Computer System

Chapter 2: Presenting the Internet
Lesson 2A: Communicating with the Internet
Lesson 2B: Doing Business on the Internet
Computer Keynote: Creating a Web Site

Chapter 3: Interacting With Your Computer
Lesson 3A: Using the Keyboard and Mouse
Lesson 3B: Inputting Data in Other Ways

Chapter 4: Seeing, Hearing, and Printing Data
Lesson 4A: Video and Sound
Lesson 4B: Printing
Computer Keynote: Buying a New Computer

Chapter 5: Processing Data
Lesson 5A: Transforming Data Into Information
Lesson 5B: CPUs Used in Personal Computers

Chapter 6: Storing Data
Lesson 6A: Types of Storage Devices
Lesson 6B: Measuring and Improving Drive Performance

Chapter 7: Using Operating Systems
Lesson 7A: Operating System Basics
Lesson 7B: Survey of PC and Network Operating Systems

Chapter 8: Working with Application Software
Lesson 8A: Productivity Software
Lesson 8B: Graphics and Multimedia Software

Chapter 9: Networks
Lesson 9A: Networking Basics
Lesson 9B: Data Communications

Chapter 10: Applying Internet Technologies
Lesson 10A: Internet Technologies
Lesson 10B: Connecting to the Internet
Computer Keynote: Surveying Professional Certification Programs

Chapter 11: Database Management
Lesson 11A: Database Management Systems
Lesson 11B: Survey of Database Systems

Chapter 12: Development of Information Systems
Lesson 12A: The Basics of Information Systems
Lesson 12B: Building Information Systems

Chapter 13: Software Programming and Development
Lesson 13A: Creating Computer Programs
Lesson 13B: Programming Languages and the Programming Process

Chapter 14: Information Assurance: Security, Privacy, and Ethics
Lesson 14A: Planning a Secure Information System Lesson
14B: Creating a Secure Information System
Computer Keynote: Defending Against Computer Viruses

Appendix A: The History of Microcomputers
Appendix B: Answers to Self Checks
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