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Distinguish arrest from charging.

During an ongoing criminal investigation, what factors must the criminal investigator consider in deciding whether to make an arrest and when to make it?

Give five examples justifying a search under exigent circumstances.

Suspicion plus facts and circumstances which would lead a reasonable person, exercising ordinary caution, under the same circumstances to believe that a crime has been, is being, or is about to be committed is a definition of
A)in-presence arrest.
B)probable cause.
C)investigative detention.
D)the requirements of an arrest warrant.

The due process clause is found in which of the Bill of Rights?
A)First Amendment
B)Fourth Amendment
C)Fifth Amendment
D)Tenth Amendment

Procedural law deals with all of the following except
A)process of arrest.
B)admissibility of evidence.
C)search and seizure.
D)elements of a crime.

The landmark ruling allowing stop and frisk procedures was handed down by the Supreme Court in
A)Miranda v. Arizona.
B)Terry v. Ohio.
C)Mapp v. Ohio.
D)Escobedo v. Day.

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