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According to Treacy and Wiersema, market leadership can be attained through:
A)Product leadership
B)Operational excellence
C)Customer intimacy
E)A, B, and C
F)A, B, C, and D
According to David Maister, the most complex projects requiring innovation and creativity are called _________.
A)"Procedures" projects
B)"Gray hair" projects
C)"Brain Surgery" projects
D)"Grinding" projects
E)None of the above
The last stage in the operations consulting process is:
A)Presenting final report
B)Implementing changes
C)Assuring client satisfaction
D)Assembling learning from the stage
E)None of the above
Operations stage toolkit for the Data Analysis and Solution Development phase include(s):
  1. SPC tools
  2. Bottleneck analysis
  3. Computer simulation
  4. Balanced scoreboard
A)I and II
B)II and III
C)I, II and III
D)II, III, and IV
E)I, II, III, and IV
Five forces model is an operation-consulting tool used in the ___________ phase.
A)Problem definition
B)Data gathering
C)Data analysis
D)Cost impact and payoff analysis
Total quality management emphasizes continuous and incremental improvements of processes that are in control, reengineering is about radical discontinuous change through process innovation.
Which of the following is not a principle or rule for reengineering?
A)Organize around tasks, not outcomes
B)Merge information-processing work into the real work that produces the information
C)Treat geographically dispersed resources as though they were centralized
D)Link parallel activities instead of integrating their results
E)Capture information once-at the source

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