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Introduction to Forensic Science and Criminalistics
Robert E Gaensslen, University of Illinois
Howard Harris, University of New Haven
Henry C Lee, University of New Haven

This introductory text in Forensic Science features comprehensive coverage of the types of forensic work done in crime laboratories in criminal cases and by private examiners for civil cases. The book’s unifying vision of the role of forensic science in the justice system and of the role of the professional forensic scientist in that system is clearly introduced in the first two chapters and re-enforced through out the text. The text’s premise is that being a scientist is not required for understanding and using forensic science, but that the greater the understanding of science the better the use of the techniques of forensic science. The chapters each have a discussion of a key case and references to many other "real world" applications of the techniques described. The authors have close to a combined one hundred years of forensic experience.