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Introduction to Forensic Science and Criminalistics
Robert E Gaensslen, University of Illinois
Howard Harris, University of New Haven
Henry C Lee, University of New Haven

Interactions between the Legal System and Forensic Science

Multiple Choice Quiz


Forensic analysis which supports a statement or testimony made by an individual is known as:
A)a disassociation
B)an inclusion
C)an inconclusive
D)a corroboration
E)an association

Establishing the exact whereabouts of an item of evidence and under whose control it was from the time of its collection to its admissibility as evidence in court, is known as maintaining the:
A)Scientific method
B)Quality control
C)Chain of command
D)Establishing a linkage
E)Chain of custody

A substratum specimen serves what purpose in the physical evidence examination process?
A)Alibi sample
B)Reagent blank
C)Known sample
D)Evidentiary sample
E)Comparison sample

A questioned specimen can also be designated as:
A)A control sample
B)A reagent blank
C)A known specimen
D)A "K" specimen
E)A "Q" specimen

"Probable cause" is defined as:
A)Sufficient evidence to believe that a crime has been committed
B)A step in the handling of physical evidence
C)A step in the plea bargaining process
D)An alibi used by a person accused of a crime
E)The basic standard for the admissibility of evidence