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Crime and Criminology, 11/e
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Crime and Criminology

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Introduction to the Study of Crime and Criminology
Chapter 2. The Measurement of Crime and Its Impact
Chapter 3. Early Explanations of Criminal Behavior and Their Modern Counterparts
Chapter 4. Biological and Psychological Theories of Criminal Behavior
Chapter 5. Sociological Theories of Criminal Behavior I: The Social-Structural Approach
Chapter 6. Sociological Theories of Criminal Behavior II: The Social-Process Approach
Chapter 7. Violent Crimes
Chapter 8. Property Crimes
Chapter 9. Business and Government-Related Crimes
Chapter 10. Drug Abuse, Drug Trafficking, and Organized Crime
Chapter 11. United States Criminal Justice Systems
Chapter 12. Police
Chapter 13. Court Systems
Chapter 14. The Confinement of Offenders
Chapter 15. Community Corrections
Appendix A. Selected Amendments to the U.S. Constitution
Appendix B. Guide to Legal Citations of Reported Decisions