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Cassini division  A conspicuous 1800-kilometer-wide gap between the outermost rings of Saturn.
equatorial jet  The high-speed, eastward, zonal wind in the equatorial region of Jupiter’s atmosphere.
Great Red Spot  A reddish elliptical spot about 40,000 km by 15,000 km in size in the southern hemisphere of the atmosphere of Jupiter. The Red Spot has existed for at least 31⁄2 centuries.
metallic hydrogen  A form of hydrogen in which the atoms have been forced into a lattice structure typical of metals. In the solar system,the pressures and temperatures required for metallic hydrogen to exist only occur in the cores of Jupiter and Saturn.
resonance  The repetitive gravitational tug of one body on another when the orbital period of one is a multiple of the orbital period of the other.
Roche distance  The distance from a planet or other celestial body within which tidal forces from the body would disintegrate a smaller object.
spokes  Dark, short-lived radial streaks in Saturn’s rings.
zonal winds  The pattern of winds in the atmosphere of a planet in which the pattern of wind speeds varies with latitude.

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