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Multiple Choice Quiz


New stars are formed from
A)the collision of one or more stars
B)the gas in the interstellar medium
C)coalescence of planets
D)cosmic rays trapped in a magnetic field

As an interstellar cloud collapses to become a star, its central region eventually becomes opaque. Why is this a significant development in the formation of the star?
A)temperature can now begin to rise
B)the star now begins to rotate
C)the star now begins to radiate infrared radiation
D)magnetic pressure now prevents further collapse

Which of the following is an example of a new-born star?
A)a white dwarf
B)a planetary nebula
C)a T Tauri star
D)a nova

Where are very young stars located in an H-R diagram?
A)above and to the right of the main sequence
B)on the main sequence
C)below the main sequence
D)in the upper left

Why do the H-R diagrams of young clusters show the least massive stars located above the zero-age main sequence?
A)such stars have already consumed the hydrogen in their cores
B)such stars take longer to reach the main sequence
C)such stars are white dwarfs
D)such stars are all binaries, and thus seem overluminous

Evidence indicates that the solar system formed
A)very gradually, over a period of several billion years
B)at least five billion years prior to the Earth-Moon system
C)sometime in the last billion years
D)in perhaps as short an interval as ten million years

As gaseous material condensed in the solar nebula, ices formed
A)only far from the Sun
B)only inside the present orbit of Mars
C)only between the present orbits of Earth and Venus
D)only far above or below the plane of the ecliptic

If nebular theories of the origin of the solar system are correct, then which of the following is a likely consequence?
A)there may be many planetary systems in the galaxy
B)the sun is much older than the planets
C)the sun once spun much more slowly than it does today
D)the sun once had a binary companion

According to nebular theories, the planets formed from material which was
A)pulled from the sun during a collision with another star
B)ejected from the sun by an explosion
C)captured by the sun from interstellar space
D)part of the collapsing cloud which formed the sun

Substantial objects, resembling asteroids in size and composition, which built up early in the development of the solar system are referred to as

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