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Multiple Choice Quiz


An evolutionary track describes the career of a star by showing changes in its location in
B)an H-R diagram
C)a mass-luminosity diagram
D)a mass-radius diagram

The most important factor affecting a star's main-sequence lifetime is:
C)percentage of metals
D)hydrogen to helium ratio

A ten solar mass star has about ten times the sun's supply of nuclear energy. Its luminosity is 1000 times that of the sun. How does the lifetime of the star compare with that of the sun?
A)10 times as long
B)the same
C)1/10 as long
D)1/100 as long

Which of the following cannot be assumed about the stars in a given cluster?
A)they all have nearly the same distance from us
B)they all had the same initial chemical composition
C)they all have the same age
D)they all have the same mass

The main sequence turn-off of a cluster of stars is a good indicator of which of the following properties of the cluster?
B)number of stars in the cluster
C)chemical composition

The sequence of reactions by which stars convert helium into carbon is called the
A)main sequence
B)triple alpha reaction
C)CNO cycle
D)proton cycle

Which of the following is key difference between the pressure in a normal gas and in a degenerate gas?
A)in a degenerate gas, pressure doesn't depend on temperature
B)in a degenerate gas, pressure doesn't depend on density
C)degenerate pressure exists whether matter is present or not
D)in a degenerate gas pressure varies rapidly with time

What causes Cepheid variables to vary in brightness?
A)they pulsate
C)changes in nuclear energy generation rate
D)obscuration by clouds of dust

What would happen if red giant stars didn't shed part of their mass into interstellar space?
A)more supernova eruptions would occur each century
B)they would evolve more quickly
C)the mass of the galaxy would be greater
D)more stars would form each century

The fusion of iron nuclei does not occur in stable stars. Why not?
A)no star ever gets hot enough for iron fusion
B)elements more massive than iron aren't stable
C)iron fusion uses up energy rather instead of producing energy
D)iron is destroyed in stars as soon as it is produced

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