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Multiple Choice Quiz


What kind of star is located at the center of an HII region?
A)a hot one
B)an old one
C)a red one
D)a rapidly spinning one

21 cm radiation is produced by which element?

The bluish color of the nebulosity around the Pleiades is produced by
A)starlight reflected by interstellar particles
B)emission lines of hot neon gas
C)continuous radiation from very hot gas
D)light emitted by hot interstellar dust particles

Why did astronomers of the year 1900 greatly underestimate the size of the galaxy?
A)they had miscalculated the parallaxes of stars
B)they were unaware of the existence of interstellar dust
C)they thought the globular clusters were located in other galaxies
D)they did not believe that our galaxy had spiral arms

What did Harlow Shapley discover about globular clusters that allowed him to determine the size of the galaxy and the sun's location within it?
A)the clusters are confined to a thin plane
B)the clusters are all located at the same distance from the sun
C)the center of the distribution of clusters is far from the sun
D)all of the clusters are located in a region a few parsecs across

Which of the following combinations of information about the sun and its orbit within the galaxy could be used to determine the amount of galactic mass that lies within the sun's orbit?
A)distance from the center and orbital period
B)sun's mass and orbital speed
C)distance from the center and age
D)sun's mass and age

Which of the following statements describes the mass in the outer part of the Milky Way (beyond the orbit of the sun)?
A)it emits a surprisingly small amount of light
B)there is essentially no mass out there
C)it almost entirely contained in globular clusters
D)most of it is anti-matter

Which of the following objects is not found primarily in the spiral arms of a galaxy?
A)old stars
B)HII regions
D)O and B stars

Where are stars being formed in the galaxy?
A)in the spiral arms
B)in globular clusters
C)in the nucleus
D)in the halo

Which of the following has happened during the evolution of the galaxy?
A)the abundances of heavy elements has increased
B)the thickness of the galaxy has increased
C)the sun has spun outward from the center
D)the number of stars has dropped steadily

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