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Planetarium Activity

Turn off the daylight and horizon displays. Open the “Display” Palette on the vertical toolbar and click on the left side of NGC-IC. Under “Which objects to draw,” be sure only Globular Clusters is turned on (as indicated by a check mark in its box). Click Apply and then OK. Set the field to 45°. Click on the “Goto” button, which is right under the “Sky” menu at the top of the display. Set right ascension and declination to 18h, -30°, respectively, and then click on “Centre.” Count the number of globular clusters in the field of view. Now center the display 1⁄4 of the sky away at 12h, 0°. Again count the globular clusters. Repeat for 6h +30° and 0h 0°. How can you account for the different numbers of globular clusters seen in different directions?

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