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Multiple Choice Quiz


Which of the following is the best description of an Sc galaxy?
A)a barred spiral galaxy with a very bright nucleus
B)a spiral galaxy with loose, open arms
C)a relatively faint quasar
D)an irregular galaxy in the Sculptor cluster

A barred spiral with a bright nucleus and tightly wound spiral arms is classified

Which type of galaxy contains the least amount of interstellar material?
C)barred spirals

One would expect the Hertzsprung-Russell diagram of an elliptical galaxy to resemble that of
A)globular star cluster
B)open star cluster
C)star formation region
D)supernova remnant

A rotation curve for a galaxy is a plot of
A)orbital speed versus distance from center
B)number of rotations versus time
C)orbital distance versus eccentricity
D)temperature versus luminosity

What evidence do we have that galaxies have extended haloes of dark matter?
A)orbital speed doesn't fall off in the outer parts of galaxies
B)the outer parts of galaxies are intense infrared sources
C)light from background galaxies is blocked by the dark matter
D)the orbits of distant globular clusters are distorted by the dark matter

How was Hubble able to determine the distances of nearby galaxies?
A)by using radar
B)by measuring trigonometric parallaxes
C)by measuring the typical angular separations of stars in them
D)by observing Cepheid variables in them

Hubble's law describes the relationship between
A)red shift and velocity
B)age and mass
C)distance and velocity
D)distance and age

Which of the following is the best analogy for the Hubble's law recession of the galaxies?
A)raisins carried apart by dough in a rising loaf of raisin bread
B)fragments of an exploding bomb
C)a flight of birds moving away from an observer
D)a railroad train moving past an observer

A galaxy at a distance of 100 Mpc is receding at 6000 km/s. How far away is a galaxy that is receding at 18,000 km/s?
A)300 Mpc
B)5400 Mpc
C)33 Mpc
D)11 Mpc

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