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Conceptual Questions


What are the ways in which clusters of galaxies can be classified?

What evidence do we have that there is more dark matter than luminous matter in the Local Group of galaxies?

Explain why the Virgo cluster is considered a "poor" cluster even though it contains at least one thousand galaxies.

Compare the Virgo and Coma clusters with respect to distance, richness, and the types of galaxies found in their central regions.

Why is there a lower proportion of spiral galaxies in dense clusters than in clusters with lower density?

In what fundamental way are the pancake model and the hierarchical clustering model for the formation of clusters of galaxies different?

How does the explosion model for the formation of clusters of galaxies also provide an explanation for the immense voids observed in the universe?

What is the best way to detect extremely hot gas in clusters of galaxies?

What have astronomers been able to learn about dark matter in clusters of galaxies by studying the gravitational lensing of distant galaxies by clusters of galaxies?

What is the relationship between clusters of galaxies and superclusters?

Describe the structure of space on a scale that includes superclusters and voids.

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