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Multiple Choice Quiz


Evidence that much of the mass of the universe consists of dark energy has come from
A)measuring the density of matter in the solar system
B)determining the distance to the Coma cluster
C)determining the distances to quasars
D)observing extremely distant supernovae

Which of the following is NOT an implication of Hubble's law?
A)the universe is expanding
B)we are in the center of the universe
C)the universe had a beginning
D)the universe was once denser than it now is

The expansion age of the universe is about
A)1 billion years
B)10 billion years
C)100 billion years
D)1000 billion years

If the universe is dominated by dark energy, then the rate of expansion of the universe is
A)slowing down
C)exactly constant with time
D)zero, the universe is neither expanding or contracting

Most of the helium in the universe was produced
A)in stars
B)in quasars
C)at the time the cosmic background radiation was formed
D)during the first ten minutes of expansion

Which of the following is not true of the cosmic background radiation?
A)it is nearly equally bright in all directions
B)it is starlight
C)it was produced about a million years after the beginning of the expansion
D)it is brightest in the radio (microwave) part of the spectrum

Suppose our universe has positive curvature. Which of the following statements would be FALSE?
A)the universe has a center
B)the universe will eventually begin to contract
C)the universe has a finite volume
D)the universe has no boundary

How could we tell (in principle) if we live in a universe in which space is flat or in a universe in which space is positively curved?
A)find out if the universe has a center
B)find out if the universe has boundaries
C)determine whether there is cosmic background radiation
D)measure the sum of the angles of a very large triangle

What will happen if the density of the universe is less than the critical density?
A)the universe will contract
B)the universe will contract and then rebound
C)the universe will stop expanding, but not begin to contract
D)the universe will expand forever

Why can't we see radiation produced during the first 300,000 years of the history of the universe?
A)it was all absorbed and destroyed soon after it was emitted
B)it hasn't reached us yet
C)it has been deflected by black holes
D)it passed by our part of the universe a few billion years ago

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