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Planetarium Activity

Click on the “Settings” button, go to the “Orientation” button, and set the orientation to Equatorial. Turn off the horizon display. Click on the “Planets” Palette. Double click on Sun to center the Sun in the display. Be sure daylight is turned off by clicking on the blue toggle on the horizontal toolbar. Click on the padlock at the top of the “Planets” Palette to lock on the Sun. Click on the “Guides” button, go to the “Constellations” button, and click on Boundaries. Click on the “Guides” button again, go to the “Constellations” button, and this time click on Label. You should be able to see the regions of the sky assigned to the various constellations. Set the date to January 1 and the step size to 1 day. Turn on the clock and record all the constellations through which the Sun passes in a year. Compare your list to the signs of the zodiac. Set the date to December 8. Suppose you were born on December 8. What constellation would the Sun have been in on the date of your birth? What do you suppose your zodiacal sign would be?

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