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Multiple Choice Quiz


Which of the following is true about the frequency and velocity of electromagnetic waves?
A)as frequency increases, wavelength decreases
B)as frequency increases, wavelength increases
C)frequency is constant for all wavelengths
D)frequency and wavelength are independent of each other

The wavelength of a wave is 8 meters. The frequency of the wave is 2 Hz. What is the speed of the wave?
A)16 m/s
B)4 m/s
C)64 m/s
D)0.25 m/s

Which of the following are electromagnetic waves?
A)radio waves
B)optical light
D)all of these

Compared with light waves, radio waves
A)have higher energy
B)are higher frequency
C)are not composed of photons
D)have longer wavelengths

The focal ratio of a lens or mirror is the ratio of its
A)focal length to diameter
B)diameter to thickness
C)magnification to diameter
D)focal length to thickness

How does the light gathering power of a 100 inch telescope compare to that of a 20 inch telescope?
A)5 times as great
B)25 times as great
C)10 times as great
D)100 times as great

Telescope A has a mirror which is 5 times larger than the mirror of telescope B. Telescope A can resolve an angle as small as 0.1 seconds of arc. What is the smallest angle which can be resolved by telescope B?
A)2.5 seconds of arc
B)0.5 seconds of arc
C)0.02 seconds of arc
D)0.004 seconds of arc

What is the primary reason that radio astronomers use arrays of telescopes to observe celestial objects?
A)to obtain great light gathering power
B)to obtain great magnification
C)to obtain high angular resolution
D)to avoid disturbances in the Earth's atmosphere

A telescope that uses a mirror to collect light is called a

Suppose a source of electromagnetic waves is moving away from us at 2% of the speed of light. What can be said of the wavelength of the waves we receive from the source?
A)they are blueshifted by 2%
B)they are redshifted by 2%
C)they are blueshifted by 4%
D)they are redshifted by 4%

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