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Planetarium Activity

Turn off the daylight display. Using the “Sky” button, turn off the Sun and planets. Use the “Settings” button to set the orientation to Local and turn on the horizon display. Using the “Guides” button, turn on the constellation boundaries and labels. Set the location to Santiago, Chile. Scroll to azimuth 180°, due south. Set the time step to 5 minutes and start the clock. Note the constellations that are in the southern part of the sky as viewed from Santiago. Now set the location to Tucson, Arizona. Start the clock and note the constellations visible above the southern horizon from Tucson. Switch back and forth from Tucson to Santiago until you are able to identify at least eight constellations that can be seen from Santiago but not from Tucson. What do your results have to do with the reasons astronomers have built observatories in the southern hemisphere?

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