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Multiple Choice Quiz


What kind of eclipse do we see when the moon is entirely within the Earth's umbral shadow?
A)partial lunar
B)total solar
C)total lunar
D)partial solar

At which phase of the moon do solar eclipses occur?
C)first quarter
D)third quarter

If a lunar eclipse occurs tonight, when is the soonest that a solar eclipse can occur?
B)in two weeks
C)in about six months
D)in one year

Which of the following is a consequence of the fact that the rotation and revolution periods of the moon are the same?
A)the moon keeps the same fact turned toward the earth
B)the moon can never be seen from one hemisphere of the earth
C)all lunar phases can be seen from the earth
D)there are about 12 months per year

The surface of the Moon
A)at one time had running water
B)has changed little in the past 2-3 billion years
C)has an atmosphere similar to the Jovian planets
D)acquired its present appearance about 100 million years ago

Compared to the lunar maria, the lunar uplands (terrae) are
A)smoother, older
B)smoother, younger
C)more cratered, older
D)more cratered, younger

The lunar maria were formed by
A)the action of ancient seas
B)tectonic uplifts
C)volcanic calderas
D)lava flows into low areas

One of the most important results of the Apollo missions to the Moon was
A)the discovery of subsurface water
B)the determination of the age of moon rocks
C)first observations of surface features called craters
D)proof that craters were produced by volcanic eruptions

One hemisphere of a newly discovered satellite is much more heavily cratered than the other hemisphere. What can be said of the more heavily cratered side of the satellite?
A)it is older than the other side
B)it is hotter than the other side
C)it is denser than the other side
D)it has more atmosphere than the other side

A recent theory attributes the origin of the moon to the impact of a Mars-size body with the Earth. Which of the following is both a true statement and supports the impact theory of the moon's origin?
A)the scar left by the impact can be identified with the Pacific Ocean
B)the composition of the moon is similar to Earth's but somewhat different
C)the moon is older than the earth
D)the remains of the impacting body now form the Earth's core

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