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Planetarium Activity

Turn off the daylight display. Open the “Planet” Palette, center on the Sun, and then lock on the Sun. Using the “Settings” button, set Orientation to Ecliptic. Using the “Settings” button, select Planet/Sun and turn off Enlarge Moon Size. Set the date for March 1, 2003. Set the time step to 24 hours. Move ahead one step at a time until the Moon passes the Sun. Then set the time step to 15 minutes and move back and forth in time until you find the smallest angular separation of the Sun and Moon. Use the Angular Separation Tool to measure the angular separation For More Information of the Sun and Moon. Then reset the time step to 24 hours and step ahead until the Moon again passes the Sun. Again find the distance of closest approach. Repeat until you find a time when the Moon and Sun appear to overlap. Check Table 9.2 to see if you have found the date of a solar eclipse. Set your geographical location to Reykjavik, Iceland. Turn on the daylight display. Set the time to 1 A.M. (Reykjavik time) and the time step to 15 minutes. Start the clock and see if an eclipse occurs. Note the date and compare with Table 9.2.

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