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Constellation Quiz

Learning the constellations is fun and easy. Moreover, knowledge of the night sky can provide hours of enjoyment whenever you look up on a clear night.

In the exercises following the link below, you will learn how to use a star chart to identify the brighter stars and constellations that are visible at a given time of year.

Once you know the basic pattern of the constellations, you can then test your knowledge of them on a simulated sky in a series of four seasonal quizzes. In these quizzes, you will be asked to point out a constellation or star. Then, by clicking on the sky map where you think the constellation or star is, you will get the name of the constellation and a picture of it.

The exercises consist of three parts:
  • How to use a star chart
  • What the night sky looks like at different times of year.
  • Constellation quizzes to test your recognition of constellations and bright stars.

Follow the link below to begin!
Constellation Quiz

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