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Intermediate Accounting, 4/e

J. David Spiceland, University of Memphis
James F. Sepe, Santa Clara University
Lawrence A. Tomassini, Ohio State University--Columbus

Rated the most satisfying textbook by students in independent research, Spiceland/Sepe Tomassini's Intermediate Accounting, 4/e, has the quality, flexibility, and attention to detail students need to master a challenging subject.

It's your Vehicle to Success in the intermediate accounting course—and beyond!

A Decision-Making Perspective: Spiceland/Sepe/Tomassini provides a decision makers' perspective to emphasize the professional judgment and critical thinking skills required of accountants today.

Clarity:   Reviewers, instructors, and student users of Spiceland have enthusiastically embraced the relaxed, conversational writing style that engages students in an enjoyable and effective learning experience.

Flexible Technology: The Coach tutorial software provides a browser-based, text-integrated multimedia environment in which students review concepts with audio enhanced, interactive illustrations and take practice quizzes. McGraw-Hill's Homework Manager offers infinite algorithmically-generated practice problems in an online environment students can access whenever they want. Feedback in McGraw-Hill's Homework Manager is immediate, giving students an instant snapshot of their progress in mastering the material. In addition, accounting's preeminent textbook website provides students a wide variety of electronic learning resources.  Each of these learning tools - Coach, Homework Manager, and online resources - can be integrated with an electronic version of the textbook in Homework Manager Plus.

Consistent Quality: Coach, Study Guide, Instructor's Manual, Solutions Manual, Test Bank, and Website content are all created by authors, ensuring seamless compatibility throughout the Spiceland learning package. The end-of-chapter material, too, is written by the author team and tested in their own classes before being included in Intermediate Accounting.

A Commitment to Currency: Few areas see the kind of rapid change that accounting does, and the Spiceland team is committed to keeping current. The fourth edition fully integrates all the latest FASB Standards, and the authors are committed to keeping you updated with all relevant content changes throughout the edition.

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