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Introduction to Operations Research, 8/e

Frederick S Hillier, Stanford University
Gerald J Lieberman, Stanford University

ISBN: 0073017795
Copyright year: 2005

Feature Summary

Features of the 8th edition include:

* Substantial coverage of dramatic recent developments in the practice of operations research, including metaheuristics, constraint programming, multiechelon inventory models for supply chain management, and spreadsheet modeling.
* Up-to-date coverage of techniques, real-world applications, research trends, and end-of-chapter references.
* Our own unique tutorial software, including OR Tutor for illustrating various algorithms in action and an enhanced Interactive Operations Research (IOR) Tutorial for efficiently learning and executing algorithms interactively.
* A wealth of other software options, including MPL/CPLEX, LINDO, LINGO, various Excel add-ins and templates, Crystal Ball Professional Edition (including OptQuest and CP Predictor modules), Queueing Simulator, and Solver Table.
* Each book comes with a CD-ROM containing the aforementioned software.
* An abundance of supplementary textual material (including eight complete chapters) is provided on both the CD-ROM and the Online Learning Center (OLC).
* Several additional examples for nearly every book chapter are included on the CD-ROM and OLC.
* A glossary for every book chapter also is included on the CD-ROM and OLC.
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