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¿Qué tal?: An Introductory Course, 7/e

Thalia Dorwick
Ana María Pérez-Gironés, Wesleyan University
Marty Knorre
William R. Glass
Hildebrando Villarreal, California State University, Los Angeles

ISBN: 007304850x
Copyright year: 2007

The Seventh Edition

  • More than 500 new color illustrations and photographs bring an exciting new visual appeal to the program and enhance the pedagogy of the text. Beautiful drawings illustrate vocabulary words in each chapter, allowing students to make important connections between the Spanish word and the conceptual meaning. Many activities are also enlivened through fun illustrations that review vocabulary and grammar and promote real communication.
  • The flow of presentations and activities within the chapter has been carefully crafted to keep students on task and focused. Activities do not break over the front and back of pages, thus eliminating the need for students and instructors to flip pages while completing the task.
  • Sentence-formation and cloze passage activities are now pedagogically improved through the use of special shading and color that highlight key elements of the activity and keep students focused on the tasks they are performing.
  • Paradigms and charts within grammar presentations have been enhanced with colored font to direct students’ attention to key aspects of the grammar point, such as spelling changes in stem-changing verbs and agreement of adjectives.
  • This edition integrates two new types of video segments:Entrevista cultural and Entre amigos. Entrevista cultural segments introduce students to a Spanish speaker from a different country in each chapter, providing a unique glimpse into their lives and their culture. Accompanying activities in the Videoteca section of each chapter prepare students for viewing and assess comprehension. The Entre amigos episodes present four students from different countries (Spain, Mexico, Venezuela, and Cuba) who tell an entertaining story as they meet and attend a university in Mexico.
  • A new Voces de... cultural feature includes an introduction to literary masterpieces as well as to musical styles and traditions. A renowned author from a different country is profiled in each chapter, accompanied by a brief extract from one of his/her works, and descriptions of traditional and popular music from each country or region provide students with a glimpse into the vibrant musical heritage of the Spanish-speaking world.
  • Autoprueba quizzes at the end of each grammar presentation allow students to do quick self-assessments of their understanding of key grammar points in every chapter, before they begin the exercises and activities.
  • A revised Interactive CD-ROM provides students with exciting activities for vocabulary and grammar development, development of cultural awareness, and practice of all four language skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Activities incorporate audio, video, and graphic images to create a true multimedia experience.
  • Interactive Flash Grammar tutorials on the Online Learning Center website allow students to "see" and review core grammar structures through an interactive tutorial. The tutorials are enriched by interactive paradigms, sample sentences, and audio narration.
  • This thoroughly revised Online Learning Center features a wealth of activities and resources for students and teachers alike.

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