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Google Earth Worksheets
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Natural Disasters 6e is now harnessing the power of technology by offering custom Google Earth content for professors. Engage your students in exploring the vast geologic expanses of our planet right from their computers. These exercises offer an introduction to Google Earth, exploration of various geologic wonders with satellite imagery, and hands-on experience with measuring and plotting data.

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Google Earth is available as a free download by clicking this link, and then searching under "Downloads".

This content has been provided by:
Dr. Stephen K Boss
University of Arkansas
Associate Professor of Geosciences
Director, Environmental Dynamics

Introduction to Google Earth
IntroductionGoogle Earth Introduction (446.0K)

Coastal Geology
Coastal Landforms - Rocky worksheet (94.0K)
Coastal Landforms - Sandyworksheet (80.0K)

Geomorphology of Arid Landscapesworksheet (152.0K)

Erosion and Sedimentary Rock
The Grand Canyon worksheet (185.0K)

Geologic Mapping
Geologic Mapping - Superpositionworksheet (113.0K)

Geologic Structures
Faults and Faultingworksheet (144.0K)
Folds and Folding worksheet (138.0K)
Measuring Strike and Dipworksheet (141.0K)

Glaciers and Glaciation
Evidence of Crustal Reboundworksheet (135.0K)
Landscapes of Alpine Glaciationworksheet (118.0K)

Latitude and Longitude
Geometry of Earthworksheet (131.0K)
Introduction to Coordinate Systems on Earthworksheet (146.0K)

Mining and Natural Resources
Bingham Canyon Copper Mineworksheet (119.0K)

Planetary Geology
Geomorphology of Impact Craters Geomorphology of Impact Craters (152.0K)

Streams and Floods
Fluvial Geomorphology worksheet (140.0K)

Topographic Profiles
Examine Earth''s Reliefworksheet (97.0K)

Geomorphology of Volcanoesworksheet (122.0K)
Identifying Volcanic Landformsworksheet (123.0K)
Volcanic Islands and Atolls worksheet (177.0K)

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