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Design of Machinery, 4/e

Robert Norton, Worcester Polytechnic Institution

ISBN: 0073121584
Copyright year: 2008

Table of Contents

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Part I Kinematics of Mechanisms

1 Introduction

2 Kinematics Fundamentals

3 Graphical Linkage Synthesis

4 Position Analysis

5 Analytical Linkage Synthesis

6 Velocity Analysis

7 Acceleration Analysis

8 Cam Design

9 Gear Trains

Part II Dynamics of Machinery

10 Dynamics Fundamentals

11 Dynamic Force Analysis

12 Balancing

13 Engine Dynamics

14 Multicylinder Engines

15 Cam Dynamics

16 Engineering Design

Appendix A Computer Programs

Appendix B Material Properties

Appendix C Geometric Properties

Appendix D Spring Data

Appendix E Atlas of Geared Fivebar Linkage Coupler Curves

Appendix F Answers to Selected Problems

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