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Multiple Choice Quiz
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Through constant exposure to books, young children learn
A)That reading is tiresome
B)How to handle a book
C)The names of the colors
D)About animals
Books designed for babies are frequently this type of book:
A)Naming books
B)Historical fiction
Research shows that the most significant factor affecting preschoolers' later educational achievement is
A)Fathers who love to read
B)Siblings who do well in school
C)Early exposure to books
D)A diet of bananas
Books for babies
A)Should always have color illustrations
B)Should have only one word on each page
C)Should not be handled by children
D)Should have sturdy cardboard or plastic pages
Toy books
A)Invite hands-on participation
B)Are appropriate only for school-age children
C)Should be preserved as collector's items
D)Are printed in black and white to match infants' visual perception skills
As they read books to young children, parents should
A)Sit across from the child
B)Hide the illustrations to encourage the child to look at the text
C)Encourage children to interact with the book
D)Discourage the child from interrupting to ask questions
Experience with Mother Goose rhymes can
A)Contribute to gender stereotyping
B)Cause children to speak only in rhyme
C)Help children develop sensitivity to the sounds of words
D)Help children learn the alphabet
A concept books describes
A)The alphabet
B)Abstract ideas
C)Rhyming words
D)Unusual objects
Wordless books are ideal for
A)Encouraging language development through oral retelling
B)Bedtime stories
C)Older children who are sophisticated enough to understand them
D)Learning how to rhyme
Books for beginning readers
A)Should only contain Dolch vocabulary words
B)Should be completely decodable
C)Should contain only words with short vowel spelling patterns
D)Should rely on natural language patterns
A preschool child would probably be most interested in a book about
A)Homeless people
B)Being lost in a supermarket
C)Global warming
D)A nostalgic memory
Which of the following is not true about big books?
A)Big books can be handmade by a class
B)The text in a commercially made big book should be large and easy to see
C)Big books are not always worth the amount of money they cost
D)Big books are a valuable tool for teaching beginning readers
Which is one of the ways that books for beginning readers are predictable?
A)Numbers are used
B)Teachers can predict which stories children will enjoy
C)They always cost less than five dollars
D)Language patterns are repetitive
When evaluating Mother Goose editions, one should note
A)The cost of the book
B)Dramatic presentation
C)The arrangement of the verses
D)Who the publisher of the books is
When evaluating alphabet books you should consider
A)The consistency of the illustrations and the text
B)Whether or not the school library owns the book
C)How much the book costs
D)Whether or not you recognize the author's name

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