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Career Directions, 4/e
Donna J. Yena, Johnson & Wales University


    This site provides several online career assessment tests to determine if your personality is suited for your position. There are also links to other self-assessment articles.
    See also at Wetfeet
    At this site you can take a self-assessment test that will help you figure out if your career is in line with your personality and interests.

    This site offers free services to help you with career choices, career changes and planning, job search, and what major to choose in college. It also includes Career Key. A professional career test to measure your skills, abilities, values, interests and personality etc. This is a popular site for students. There is a great deal of information and tools to help you decide on a career that best suits you. It also gives information about other “harmful” career assessments that are on the Internet.

    This site provides a better understanding of what you’re looking to assess when thinking about the perfect occupation.

    You need to create an account but it’s free! Aside from self-assessments, there are templates for building resumes, cover letters, and thank you letters. The site is based in Canada, but the tools are useful for anyone in the U.S.

    This site is targeted for people with learning disabilities such as ADHD, but it is also useful for any student as it provides a quick assessment of what type of learner the individual is: auditory, visual, or tactile. You need to register for your results. It's free, and you can opt to not sign up for the newsletter.

    This site offers various self-assessment tools.

    This site has quizzes that you can take to see if you are in control of your career. It also has many self-assessment articles that students find very informative.

    Students love this career site. It gives a quick snapshot of what career you would have been in the “Kingdom” and is relevant for what would align with your energy today.

    After kingdomology take the dragon test.