Psychology: Mind and Behavior
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Psychology: The Science of Mind and Behavior , 3/e

Michael W. Passer, University of Washington
Ronald E. Smith, University of Washington

ISBN: 007313368x
Copyright year: 2007

We Listened. You Want Science. You Want a Modern Framework. You Want an Easy Prep. You Want Passer/Smith.

WE LISTENED: During the development of Passer/Smith, McGraw-Hill employees observed more than 150 hours of Introductory Psychology classes, hosted three national symposia, and commissioned and read over 200 reviewers. From that, WE LEARNED:

  • You want to demonstrate to your students that Psychology is a science. Passer’s Research Close-Ups in each chapter provide an inside look at research studies in a scientific journal format.
  • You want a framework that will help students tie all of the disparate concepts together and see the field of psychology in a modern way. Passer/Smith’s Levels of Analysis feature does just that, by consistently showing the biological, psychological, and environmental causes of behavior.
  • You want all of your resources in one place so you can quickly and easily prep for each lecture. McGraw-Hill's PrepCenter provides all of our instructor resources in an easy-to-use, online site. Interested? Using the passcode provided by your sales representative, log into the Instructor Edition of this site, and check it out! The bottom line is that if you use Passer/Smith, you’ll teach a dynamic, modern course with an organizing framework that reflects psychology as a science and that is easier to prep for than your present course.
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    Passer-Smith 3e

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