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Music First!, 5/e

Gary White, Iowa State University

ISBN: 007313774x
Copyright year: 2007

Music First!

You didn’t become interested in music because you saw notes on a page or read the definition of a term. You heard it, or felt it, or sang it, or danced to it. The music came first, before the explanations. This textbook works in the same way. You will learn about the written symbols and the underlying theory. But the music will never be far away. If you are not singing along with the included CD or tapping out tunes on the enclosed keyboard, then you will be jamming with an online blues band on the Music First! Online Learning Center.

Read. Play. Enjoy. Learn.

NOTE: Track 38 was inadvertently left off of the Music First! CD. It can be downloaded here: Love Somebody - MP3 (533.0K)

Visit the fourth Edition Music First! OLC here.

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