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Classical and Object-Oriented Software Engineering, 7/e
Stephen Schach, Vanderbilt University

Classical and Object-Oriented Software Engineering, 7/e presents an excellent introduction to software engineering fundamentals, covering both traditional and object-oriented techniques. The coverage of both Agile processes and Open Source Software has been considerably expanded. In addition, the Osbert Oglesby running case study has been replaced with a brand-new case study on the Martha Stockton Greengage Foundation. This exciting new study highlights even more aspects of the Unified Process.

The book’s unique organization remains in place, with Part I covering underlying software engineering theory, and Part II presenting the more practical life cycle. Complementing this well-balanced approach is the author’s trademark straightforward, student-friendly writing style, through which difficult concepts are presented in a clear, understandable manner. The new seventh edition provides an extensive updating of this classic software engineering text!