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Introduction to Logic Design, 3/e
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Sample Tests and S...

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Sample Tests and Solutions

Each set of tests was given over a one-semester course.

Sample Tests I

Sample_Test_I_1 (28.0K)
Sample_Test_I_2 (28.0K)
Sample_Test_I_3 (26.0K)
Sample_Test_I_4 (40.0K)
Midterm_Sample_Test_I (32.0K)
Sample_Test_I_5 (34.0K)
Sample_Test_I_6 (51.0K)
Sample_Test_I_7 (27.0K)
Final_Exam_I (50.0K)

Solutions for Sample Tests I

Sample_Test_I_1_Solution (30.0K)
Sample_Test_I_2_Solution (37.0K)
Sample_Test_I_3_Solution (30.0K)
Sample_Test_I_4_Solution (32.0K)
Midterm_Solution_I (39.0K)
Sample_Test_I_5_Solution (35.0K)
Sample_Test_I_6_Solution (57.0K)
Sample_Test_I_7_Solution (34.0K)
Final_Exam_I_Solution (101.0K)

Sample Tests II

Sample_Test_II_1 (27.0K)
Sample_Test_II_2 (28.0K)
Sample_Test_II_3 (26.0K)
Sample_Test_II_4 (27.0K)
Sample_Test_II_5 (35.0K)
Sample_Test_II_6 (30.0K)
Final_Exam_II (46.0K)

Solutions for Sample Tests II

Sample_Test_II_1_Solution (67.0K)
Sample_Test_II_2_Solution (33.0K)
Sample_Test_II_3_Solution (34.0K)
Sample_Test_II_4_Solution (32.0K)
Sample_Test_II_5_Solution (36.0K)
Sample_Test_II_6_Solution (77.0K)
Final_Exam_II_Solution (84.0K)