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Multiple Choice Quiz
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What activities do production and materials management components perform?
A)Handle the various aspects of production planning and execution such as demand forecasting, production scheduling, job cost accounting, and quality control.
B)Track employee information including payroll, benefits, compensation, performance assessment, and assumes compliance with the legal requirements of multiple jurisdictions and tax authorities.
C)Manage accounting data and financial processes within the enterprise with functions such as general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, budgeting, and asset management
D)All of the above
Which component can help an organization determine such things as the identification of individuals who are likely to leave the company unless additional compensation or benefits are provided?
A)Accounting and finance components
B)Production and managerial management components
C)Production and materials management components
D)None of the above
Which extended ERP component collects information used throughout an organization, organizes it, and applies analytical tools to assist managers with decisions?
B)Customer relationship management
C)Business intelligence
D)None of the above
Which of the following is a common ERP benefit?
A)Standardize manufacturing processes
B)Speed up manufacturing processes
C)Standardize human resource information
D)All of the above
What must a system do to qualify as a true ERP solution?
A)Be modular and open
B)Extend beyond the company
C)Be flexible
D)All of the above
What are several different types of software, which sit in the middle of and provide connectivity between two or more software applications?
A)e-business infrastructure
B)Enterprise application integration middleware
C)Automated business process
What represents a new approach to middleware by packaging together commonly used functionality, such as providing prebuilt links to popular enterprise applications, which reduces the time necessary to develop solutions that integrate applications from multiple vendors?
A)e-business infrastructure
C)Automated business process
D)Enterprise application integration middleware
What is an IT-based set of tools that supports the work of teams by facilitating the sharing and flow of information?
A)Structured collaboration
B)Content management system
C)Collaboration system
D)Unstructured collaboration
What provides tools to manage the creation, storage, editing, and publication of information in a collaborative environment?
A)Workflow management system
B)Knowledge management system
C)Groupware system
D)Content management system
What support the electronic capturing, storage, distribution, archival, and accessing of documents?
A)Digital asset management system
B)Document management system
C)Web content management system
D)None of the above

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