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Master's and Johnson's Sexual Response Research

The path-breaking studies of Dr. William H. Masters and Virginia Johnson cast light on the mechanics of human sexuality. Their pioneer research into orgasms—they filmed over 10,000 in a clinical setting—educated millions and their new science of “sexology” led them to discoveries in the workings of the genital and urinary systems. They eventually published their findings in HUMAN SEXUAL RESPONSE after medical journals refused to publish their work. Masters, a gynecologist, and Johnson, a psychologist, opened in 1970 the nation’s first sex therapy clinic that sought to resolve fears of sexual inadequacy between couples.

Please watch the following video clip and answer the corresponding follow-up questions.

Sexual Response Research

The video clip reminds us that Masters and Johnson were attempting to get information that would help them in treating people experiencing problems in their sexual relationships. What can you determine about how successful they were?
In comparing the research of Alfred Kinsey with that of Masters and Johnson, distinguish the role that medical technology played in each. Why might this support, to some extent, the statement that “Science must sometimes await its proper time in history”?
Based on what you can learn about sex research, why might scientists point out the potentially hindering role that volunteer bias might play in the Masters and Johnson findings?

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