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Paragraph Organization

Identifying the Parts of a Well-Organized Paragraph

Write the number/s of the sentence/s that correspond to each section of the paragraph.

(1) Although many adults believe that the teenage years are a time that is marked by hostility and contradiction, research shows that this is not the case. (2) In fact, teenagers whose parents understand the needs of adolescents manage to negotiate adolescence fairly easily. (3) According to a recent report by the Carnegie Corporation, "Only a minority [of teenagers] engage in covert or open conflict or rebellion as they seek to establish a sense of autonomy and separate identity." (4) Many parents incorrectly feel that they are unable to exert an influence over their teenage children when adolescents actually report that the actions and opinions of parents are quite important to them. (5) Of course, their peers are also very influential. They are particularly important for those who do not have healthy relationships with their parents. (6) So it can be seen that although it presents many challenges, adolescence is not necessarily a time of rebellion and turmoil.


a. bridge

b. supporting material


c. conclusion

(1) Despite the fact that many teenagers go through adolescence without problems, we cannot ignore the fact that today's teenagers face more demands and more serious risks than those of a generation ago. (2) In addition, many do not live in situations that allow them to mature at their own pace. (3) Unfortunately, these adolescents also do not get the guidance that they need from the adults in their lives. (4) It is not uncommon to find teenagers that have no interest in school and decide to drop out. (5) These antisocial and self-destructive behaviors occur in teenagers of both rich and poor families. (6) For these reasons, it is important that we do not become complacent to the very real dangers that face teenagers today.


a. topic sentence

b. bridge

c. supporting material

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