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Marketer's Showdown

McGraw-Hill Marketer's Showdown

ISBN: 007326329x
Copyright year: 2008

Marketer’s Showdown : Offering more experiential learning opportunities, this online, interactive video case program, puts students in the middle of dynamic marketing strategy decision-making with real marketers. Nine cases focus on up-to-the-minute issues in the music, automotive, and soft drink industries. Within Marketer’s Showdown cases, students will be able to analyze the marketing problem, choose a proposed solution, and then watch their proposal debated by marketing professionals. After the debate, students have the opportunity to change their plan or stick to their guns, then see the outcome of their decisions. As in real marketing situations, not every good marketing decision leads to a good outcome! Marketer's Showdown can be accessed by purchasing it online through the Online Learning Center.

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