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Managers Hot Seat

McGraw-Hill: Manager's Hot Seat

ISBN: 0073312126
Copyright year: 2007

In today's workplace managers are confronted daily with issues like ethics, diversity, the virtual workplace, working in teams, sexual harassment, privacy, managing change and more. Imagine being a fly on the wall as 15 real managers apply their years of experience to confront these real issues head on. That's precisely what you'll find in the Manager's Hot Seat.

This rich interactive program is flexible and easy to integrate into the course. Students immerse themselves in video-based vignettes that are totally unscripted. They see real managers in realistic office situations dealing with difficult employees with complex problems. Thorough references are provided to help the students place themselves in the manager's shoes, to define their own approach to the situation, and to defend it.

Imagine learning from the mistakes and successes of real managers. Imagine critiquing the manager's approach and defining a course of action for real world problems, critiquing the manager's approach and defining their own course of action. Imagine yourself in the Manager's Hot Seat .

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