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Macroeconomics, 18/e

Campbell R. McConnell, University of Nebraska
Stanley L. Brue, Pacific Lutheran University
Sean M. Flynn, Vassar College

ISBN: 0073365947
Copyright year: 2009


Pedagogical Aids

Economics is highly student-oriented. The “To the Student” statement at the beginning of Part 1 details the book’s many pedagogical aids. The eighteenth edition is also accompanied by a variety of high-quality supplements that help students master the subject and help instructors implement customized courses.

Supplements for Students and Instructors

Study Guide (0073368849) One of the world’s leading experts on economic education, William Walstad of the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, prepared the eighteenth edition of the Study Guide. Many students find the Study Guide indispensable. Each chapter contains an introductory statement, a checklist of behavioral objectives, an outline, a list of important terms, fill-in questions, problems and projects, objective questions, and discussion questions.

The Guide comprises a superb “portable tutor” for the principles student. Separate Study Guides are available for the macro and micro paperback editions of the text.

Premium Content The Premium Content, available at the Online Learning Center, offers a range of dynamic study aids to the student. Narrated PowerPoint presentations enable students to see key concepts and hear the explanation simultaneously. The Solman Videos, a set of more than 250 minutes of video created by Paul Solman of The News Hour with Jim Lehrer, cover core economic concepts such as elasticity, deregulation, and perfect competition. These study aids plus pre- and post-tests and chapter quizzes can be purchased and downloaded to an iPod, MP3 player, or desktop computer. Premium Content enables the student to study and self-test on his or her computer or on the go.

McGraw-Hill Connect Economics Connect Economics is a complete, online supplement system that duplicates and expands upon the textbook’s end-of chapter material and test banks. Nearly all the questions from the text, including the numerous graphing exercises, are presented in an autogradable format and tied to the text’s learning objectives. Instructors may edit existing questions and author entirely new problems. Connect Economics can be used for student practice, homework, quizzes, and formal examinations. Detailed grade reports enable instructors to see how each student performs on a particular problem, a full assignment, and in the context of the overall class. The Connect Economics grade reports can be easily integrated with WebCT and Blackboard. Connect Economics is also available with an integrated online version of the textbook. With a single access code, students can read the eBook, work through practice problems, do homework, and take exams.

CourseSmart eTextbook For roughly half the cost of a print book, you can reduce your impact on the environment by buying McConnell, Brue, and Flynn’s Macroeconomics, 18e eText. CourseSmart eTextbooks, available in a standard online reader, retain the exact content and look of the print text, plus offer the advantage of digital navigation to which students are accustomed. Students can search the text, highlight, take notes, and use e-mail tools to share notes with their classmates. CourseSmart also includes tech support in case help is ever needed. To buy Macroeconomics, 18e as an eText, or to learn more about this digital solution, visit and search by title, author, or ISBN.

Instructor’s Manual Shawn D. Knabb of Western Washington University revised and updated the Instructor’s Manual. The revised Instructor’s Manual includes:

• Chapter summaries.

• Listings of “what’s new” in each chapter.

• Teaching tips and suggestions.

• Learning objectives.

• Chapter outlines.

• Data and visual aid sources with suggestions for classroom use.

• Extra questions and problems.

• End-of-chapter correlation guides mapping content to the learning objectives and important AACSB and Bloom’s Taxonomy standards.

The Instructor’s Manual is available on the instructor’s side of the Online Learning Center.

Three Test Banks Test Bank I contains about 4300 multiple-choice and true-false questions, most of which were written by the text authors. Randy Grant revised Test Bank I for the eighteenth edition. Test Bank II contains around 4500 multiple-choice true-false questions, updated by Michael Youngblood of Rock Valley College. All Test Bank I and II questions are organized by learning objective, topic, AACSB Assurance of Learning, and Bloom’s Taxonomy guidelines. Test Bank III, written by William Walstad, contains more than 350 pages of short-answer questions and problems created in the style of the book’s end-of-chapter questions. Test Bank III can be used to construct student assignments or design essay and problem exams. Suggested answers to the essay and problem questions are included. In all, more than 10,000 questions give instructors maximum testing flexibility while ensuring the fullest possible text correlation.

Test Banks I and II are available through EZ Test Online, as well as in MS Word. EZ Test allows professors to create customized tests that contain both questions that they select from the test banks as well as questions that they craft themselves. Test Bank III is available in MS Word on the password-protected instructor’s side of the Online Learning Center, and on the Instructor Resource CD, both of which we will describe shortly.

PowerPoint Presentations Nora Underwood of the University of Central Florida updated the PowerPoint Presentations for the eighteenth edition. Each chapter, including the Web chapters, is accompanied by a concise yet thorough tour of the key concepts. Instructors can use the slides in the classroom while students can use the slides to study. Students can view a second, distinct set of slides— the Narrated PowerPoint Presentations—on the site or download the material to their video iPod. The content is correlated to the Learning Objectives. This exceptional study aid, updated by Darlene DeVera of Deanza College, is a part of the Premium Content package.

Digital Image Library Every graph and table in the text is available on the instructor’s side of the Web site and on the Instructor’s Resource CD-ROM.

Online Learning Center ( The Web site accompanying this book is a central resource for students and instructors alike. The optional Web Chapter: "The Economics of Developing Countries" and Chapter 21 Web Supplement: “Previous International Exchange-Rate Systems” are posted as full-color PDF files. As previously mentioned, the three in-text Web buttons alert the students to points in the book where they can springboard to the Web site to get more information. Students can test their knowledge of a chapter’s concepts with the self-graded multiple choice quiz and review PowerPoint presentations.

The password-protected Instructor Center houses the Instructor’s Manual, all three Test Banks, and links to EZ Test Online, PowerPoint Presentations, and Digital Image Library.

Instructor’s Resource CD-ROM (0077309626) This CD contains all three test banks, PowerPoint presentations, and the Digital Image Library featuring all of the tables and figures from the text.

Classroom Performance Systems by eInstruction This is a revolutionary system that brings ultimate interactivity to the classroom. CPS is a wireless response system that gives you immediate feedback from every student in the class. CPS units include easy-to-use software for creating and delivering questions and assessments to your class. With CPS you can ask subjective and objective questions. Then every student responds with an individual, wireless response pad, providing instant results. CPS is the perfect tool for engaging students while gathering important assessment data.

Instructors can access eInstruction questions in two formats—CPS and PowerPoint. Motivate student preparation, interactivity, and active learning with these lecture formatted questions.

To obtain an instructor login for this Online Learning Center, ask your local sales representative. If you're an instructor thinking about adopting this textbook, request a free copy for review.